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Pearson Test of English Academic
We are a world-leading provider of English language tests

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Achieve your dream to study, work, or migrate overseas faster than ever with the two-hour, computer-based English proficiency language test.

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Faster, fairer, simpler English Test

Pearson’s Test of English (PTE) is the world’s leading test for the English language for immigration and studying abroad. It is a computer-based test.

Get your results typically in just 2 business days.

Its unique combination of AI scoring and human expertise reduces the risk of bias.

Test all your language skills in just one short, computer-based test

PTE Academic

PTE Academic is accepted for study applications around the world. Institutions in many popular destinations are continuing to grow their recognition of PTE Academic, expanding opportunities for study abroad.

For global university study, visa applications to Australia and New Zealand, and professional registration.

Choose PTE for study or immigration routes to Canada, including for Student Direct Stream (SDS) applications.

Accepted by thousands of academic programs, your PTE score can fast-track your application to institutions like Yale University, NYU, Harvard, Columbia University, and more.

Take PTE Academic to prove your English ability for all New Zealand students and migration visa applications. You are accepted by 100% of universities, institutes of technology, polytechnics, and training establishments, as well as by professional associations.

PTE Core for work and migration

A general English test, recognized by the Canadian government for immigration and citizenship applications.

PTE Core is recognized by the Canadian Government (IRCC) for all economic visa categories, including permanent residency and citizenship.


What accommodations are available at PTE exam centers?

All the test centers comply with local disability laws.

In addition, the following test accommodations are currently available to test takers who can demonstrate their requirements using valid medical evidence:

  • Separate room
  • Wheelchair access
  • Additional equipment: e.g. lamp, magnifying glass
  • Adjustable workstation and chair
  • Adjustable monitor brightness
  • Extra time (25%) – currently available in some locations only

If you have a hand injury that prevents the palm vein scan, please contact us before booking the test. Otherwise, you will be turned away from the test center and will lose your test fee.

Why Radiant Immigration Services for PTE?

  • Coaching by highly skilled professionals.
  • A precisely designed course will help you achieve your career goals.
  • Innovative teaching methods.
  • Review sessions and one-to-one interactions with the faculty.
  • Access to the latest resources in our in-house library and computer lab.
  • Convenient batch timings.
  • Air-conditioned audio-visual classrooms.
  • Positive and comprehensive learning environment.
  • Unlimited practice.

Test Format

Part 1: Speaking & Writing

This part of the test is 54–67 minutes long and it contains seven different question types. It is the longest section of the test. You will be tested on your speaking and writing skills, using English you might hear in an academic environment.

1. Personal Introduction

2. Read Aloud

3. Repeat Sentence

4. Describe Image

5. Re-tell Lecture

6. Answer Short Question

7. Summarize Written Text

8 Essay


Part 2: Reading

This part of the test is 29–30 minutes long and contains five different question types. Because PTE Academic is an integrated skills test, one item type ('Reading and Writing: Fill in the blanks') also assesses writing skills.

1. Reading & Writing: Fill in the Blanks

2. Multiple Choice, Multiple Answer

3. Re-order Paragraphs

4. Fill in the Blanks

5. Multiple Choice, Single Answer



Part 3: Listening

This part of the test is 30–43 minutes long and it contains eight different question types. The questions are based on audio or video clips, which begin to play automatically. You hear each audio or video clip once. You are allowed to take notes.

1. Summarize Spoken Text

2. Multiple Choice, Multiple Answers

3. Fill in the Blanks

4. Highlight the correct summary.

5. Multiple Choice, Single Answer

6. Select the missing word.

7. Highlight Incorrect Words

Student Results